E-Ink Fit Watches for Adolescence

In this project I developed a concept and an interface design of the E-Ink fit watches for adolescence with a gamification aspect based on the research and user study. The concept was developed for the low power segmented E-Ink display technology. In the design of the display, I considered the limitations of the segmented E-Ink technology. With a idea of getting points for the exercises and unlocking new display designs, fit watches motivate adolescence to be more phisically activate and help to track the activity data and the fitness progress.

● In order to measure the physical activity the burnt calories will be calculated with sensors
● Sensors: combination of heart-rate sensor and accelerometer
● Accelerometer must be worn on a torso to eliminate the body affection
● The activities that can be recognized: standing, walking, intense walking, running, stationary intense movements, resting, lying down, moving lying down
● According to the type of activity and the time the burnt calories can be calculated
● Users can see their progress for some days, a week or a month
● The system must be personalized by entering your data
● The points will calculated according to the burnt calories and your personal data
● When you get a certain number of points, new opportunities to design your watches are opened