In the bachelor project "Perform!" we have tried to mix the real and virtual components and create an interactive environment for the stage performance. We worked with a multitouch-table and with a motion capturing suit, which transforms the movements of the person in the movements of the model on the screen and other visual and sound effects. During our project we had a live performance on the graduation celebration of our faculty. We also cooperated with a theater "Concordia" in Bremen have done some visual effects for the performance "Der Schuhu und die fliegende Prinzessin". Finally we took part at the exhibition "Computer science and culture" in Berlin.

My tasks in the project were: implementing of joint control of the model for Panda3D, creating of particle effects, implementing of an atari-style looking game in Panda 3D for the performance in the theater Concordia and some others.

You can visit our website with some videos and project steps:

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