Digital Key App

During the work with VW AppFactory I designed the interface for the Digital Key App. Digital Key turns the smartphone into an electronic car key. A smartphone can be used to lock or unlock the e-Golf (separately for the rear hatch), open or close all windows, and start or stop the engine. Moreover, not only can all of this be done with a smartphone, but also with a smart watch. In addition, the Digital Key can also be transferred to other smartphones and smartwatches. In this way, the app the app lets third parties use a smartphone or smart watch to temporarily and safely gain access to the vehicle and to start or stop the engine without having the real car key in their hands. Afterwards, the temporary access to the car can simply be deactivated.

In this project I have created the interface design of the digital key app interface according to VW standards for both smartphone (multiple devices) and smartwatch.

Digital Key was presented at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2015 and at CES Asia in May 2015.

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